Nippersink Watershed Plan
2008 Watershed Plan Update Underway!
As you may be aware, the Nippersink Creek Watershed Plan (NCWP) was completed in 2008.  This USEPA / IEPA sponsored planning effort, available for viewing HERE, identified known and potential water quality impairments, and also identified various Best Management Practices (BMP’s) that should be implemented to protect and enhance water quality.

Because of the high quality of Nippersink Creek, many of the recommended BMP actions were “preventative” in nature, such as encouraging protection and management of stream corridors and critical wetlands; implementing wise land use planning; keeping horses and cows out of streams; and encouraging riparian landowners to stabilize eroding streambanks, restore wetlands, and create buffer areas.

Approximately 150 Best Management Practice (BMP) projects were identified in the 2008 NCWP.  BMP projects that are identified in a USEPA / IEPA approved plan are eligible to apply for and receive Section 319 grant funding for project implementation, that could provide up to 60 % of the cost of implementing the BMP project.  From 2009 through 2011, BMP implementation projects in the Nippersink Watershed have received approximately $990,000 in federal funding from the Section 319 program.

However, given the size of the 150 square mile Nippersink Creek watershed in Illinois, it was recognized and acknowledged that many additional BMP projects likely exist, that were not identified in the 2008 NCWP.   Because of the significant interest in the Nippersink Creek watershed, the Nippersink Watershed Association, a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization, is currently undertaking an update of the 2008 NCWP, and we are seeking your assistance in that effort.

If you are aware of a streambank erosion problem, have a degraded wetland area, or are interested in establishing native vegetation on your property to protect water quality, you may have a potential BMP project.  We would encourage you to fill out the Info Request Form so we can contact you and provide you with additional information.

Obviously, identifying a potential BMP project on your property does not in any way obligate you to implement that project, it only helps generate a potential funding source to help you protect and enhance the Nippersink, as well as your property.
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